International succes!

International succes!

Last week, a diverse group of ROSEN employees participated in the dynamic masterclass on Innovative Project Leadership (IPL). With representatives from 7 different nationalities and varied disciplines, we explored essential skills like influencing, motivation, and project structuring.

The participants highly rated the masterclass, averaging an impressive 9 out of 10 (8.8 for content, 9.2 for trainer)!

This comprehensive 4-day IPMA masterclass enhances leadership skills through interactive sessions, bridging theory with practical application. Discover strategies for motivating teams, managing dynamic project environments, and maintaining structure amidst change – all hallmarks of innovative leadership. With a focus on both Technical and Behavioral/Contextual Competencies, this program empowers participants to leverage their strengths in novel ways within their projects.

Prepare for IPMA D or C certification with the Innovative Project Leadership masterclass from de ketenverkorters, aligned with IPMA ICB-4 standards.

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